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Configuration Patching in Kapitan with kgenlib

Automatic Configuration Patching

kgenlib introduces a seamless way to auto-merge your configuration with default values using the apply_patches decorator attribute. This is especially handy when you want certain base configurations to be consistently present, and then layer on more specific configurations as needed.

Example: Merging with Defaults

The following Python decorator showcases how you can employ the apply_patches feature:


In the above illustration:

  • The apply_patches attribute is supplied with a list that denotes the path to the default configurations.
  • The defined generator, when invoked, would incorporate configurations from generators.defaults.simple_fish_generator seamlessly into its own.

Advanced Features

  1. Chaining Multiple Patches: If there's a need to merge configurations from multiple sources, just extend the list provided to apply_patches.

  2. Variable Interpolation: For those situations where you require custom configurations, kgenlib facilitates variable interpolation. This means you can use variables in your configuration and have them be replaced with actual values during the generation process.