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Global Generators

Global Generators in Kapitan

Introduction to Global Generators

Unlike target generators, which derive their configurations from a specific target inventory, global generators cater to situations where configurations span multiple 'source' targets. Yet, there's a requirement for their outputs to funnel into a singular 'destination' target.

Use Case Example

Consider generating ArgoCD Applications. While the manifest files need generation into the "apps_of_apps" target, it's ideal for the configurations to reside alongside the source target.

Crafting a Global Generator

To initiate a global generator, employ the Python decorator below:

class GenArgoCDApplication(kgenlib.BaseStore):

In the above snippet:

  • global_generator: Ensures configurations are sourced from all clusters, not just one.
  • activation_path: Informs Kapitan to generate manifests within the target housing that unique path.